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Medical Sciences

The medical industry offers a large variety of careers ranging from frontline workers, business administration, finances, and more. At FutureForward, students enrolled in medical sciences get hands-on experience that will provide a lasting foundation. 


Become an Emergency Medical Technician and learn how to use medical devices and how to evaluate a patient! The Certified Nursing Aide program provides hands-on training for patient care and provides a platform for career growth in the medical field. Both program options deliver the same result: a skilled medical professional ready to enter the workforce.

Rising Star Careers


Nursing Assistant     $33,980

Medical Assistant     $37,410

Respiratory Therapist     $49, 935

Registered Nurse     $76,230

Audiologist     $80,980

Physical Therapist     $86,740

Speech-Language Pathology     $92,580

Nurse Practitioner     $106,760 

Oral Surgeons     $265,890

Colorado department of labor May 2019:

Student Success Story:
Meet Bryan Wong

“Signing up for the medical sciences program gave me hope towards a better future and showed me that there was a field in which I was talented. I graduated from the EMT program in 2018 and am currently working at Western Ambulance, am a skills instructor for the EMT program at Denver Health EMS Education Department. In addition to loving the work I do, I am enrolled at Metropolitan State studying Fire and Emergency Response Administration and plan on attending paramedic school this summer.”