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Pursuing a career in the transportation industry allows you to constantly learn new techniques and technology while earning a competitive salary on your first day. In an industry that is constantly growing, pursuing a career in automotive and mechanical engineering allows you to have options in advancing your career.

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Rising Star Careers


Subway and Streetcar Operators: $44,700

Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics: $51,000

Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists: $54,760

Aircraft Service and Transportation Attendants: $55,770

Automotive Body and Related Repairers: $56,680

Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanics: $57,840

Industrial Machinery Mechanics: $63,110

Transportation Inspectors: $77,810

Aircraft Mechanics: $79,110

Mechanical Engineer: $104,120

Colorado Department of Labor May 2020

Student Success Story:
Meet Bryan Wong

“Signing up for the medical sciences program gave me hope towards a better future and showed me that there was a field in which I was talented. I graduated from the EMT program in 2018 and am currently working at Western Ambulance, am a skills instructor for the EMT program at Denver Health EMS Education Department. In addition to loving the work I do, I am enrolled at Metropolitan State studying Fire and Emergency Response Administration and plan on attending paramedic school this summer.”