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The Career Playbook


The Career Playbook is a savvy guide to career-based classes in Adams 12 Five Star Schools: on par with college recruiting materials. The Career Playbook highlights the career and technical education programs offered through Adams 12 Five Star Schools and how these programs set students up for success. The job market will be tough for our students in the next few years, and skilled workers with job-ready skills will make a difference.  Almost 40% of our students go directly into the workforce and we anticipate this number rising dramatically in the next 1-2 years as students postpone college or look for businesses willing to directly invest in their education.


The Career Playbook offers...

  • Students an exciting and interactive tool for deciding their future.

  • Counselors a cohesive guide to pathways for Future Forward career programs that sets up conversations with students about their future.

  • Parents a clear understanding of the great careers that are available to their students, especially those who might be resistant to the idea of direct-to-career paths.

  • Local businesses the chance to show students that with Future Forward training, students can be hired and start on their own career journey. Companies that offer clear career paths and advancement opportunities, and/or tuition reimbursement are invited to tell their story in the book and online. If your company is ready to join our mission, contact us today! 


The Career Playbook is an interactive, student-driven piece that will be in schools and sent directly to the home. Sign up for our newsletter to get updates on its launch date. 

Get a sneak peek!



We are teaming up with local employers who are excited to hire students after high school and provide internship and mentorship opportunities. Stay tuned as we grow resources for every career and technical training program!

virtual tours

Career Discovery is more than just learning about a job.

What is the industry like? Where will I be working? How do I interact with my fellow coworkers?

We are starting a virtual tour series that will take an in-depth look into each industry offered through FutureForward. 

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