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What we do

The Five Star Education Foundation is the nonprofit partner to Adams 12 Five Star Schools by funding opportunities that inclusively prepare students for their future and have been doing so for over 30 years.


We believe that actions speak louder than words. 


Our mission statement, “Invest in Student Success,” is more than dollars: it is the work of harnessing the power of community to shape the future of our students. 


We “Mind the Gap” of K-12 education with the outside world. Our areas of practice involve innovation in education, career discovery, learning readiness, and capacity building for Adams 12 Five Star Schools.

Through community partnerships, we ensure that ALL students see their own path to future success.



We prepare all students for a variety of opportunities after high school, ranging from post-secondary education to directly entering the workforce.


We fund programs that provide students with skills and unique experiences, preparing students for success upon graduation.


We expose students to a variety of opportunities beyond high school, encouraging internal motivation to remain engaged and invested in their future.


We create alignment between the district, government, and businesses for the best interest of Adams 12 students.


We connect students with people and experiences that provide a network for future success.


  • Provide financial assistance to programs and schools that ensure student readiness for post-K-12 education and career success. 

  • Ensure the successful development of public and private partnerships that benefit our students. 

  • Partner with Adams 12 Five Star Schools to ensure that programs deliver a leading educational experience and implementation of the desired curriculum above traditional offerings.

  • Preserve technological and content relevance for supported career-focused programs. 

  • Build awareness of and connection to Adams 12 supported programs within our community and across the state.

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