Tiny house

tiny house: Building Homes for the Unhoused in Adams County


The Foundation supports the Adams 12 Five Star Schools FutureForward at Washington Square Construction program with over $50,000 a year, for the next 5 years to build tiny houses for the homeless. We also partner with local businesses to donate materials and supplies. These students experience real-life skills training while benefiting the Five Star Community. Learn more at Adams 12 Five Star Schools.

"The young men and women who are learning in this great facility are the future of Colorado's economy. These tiny houses are an important part of helping with our critical housing needs. This is a win-win opportunity for all involved. 70 Ranch and our family are honored to be part of this critical work."


-Bob Lembke, generously supports every step of this process.

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“I think the idea is cool because we’re not only able to learn about construction elements, but we’re also able to give back to our community,”
-Construction student Luca.

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