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In career fields and college institutions, we see a vast disparity of representation for BIPOC and female students in the field of Engineering and Computer Science. These students typically experience more obstacles to enrollment and participation in these cutting-edge programs.  In fact, the current engineering program sees a 95% attrition rate between years one and two in the program, mirroring numbers in the demographic landscape of the industry. 

To mind this gap, in the school year 2022-2023 FutureForward at Bollman is launching a new mentorship program called I See Me in which students enrolled in Engineering and Computer Science programs will be paired with a college mentor that looks and identifies as the high school student.  Throughout the year students will connect with industry professionals, develop self-efficacy, explore career options, and discuss and challenge their perceptions of themselves in the field. This program allows students to grow, thrive, and give back as they become the next college mentors and engage with the next generation of Engineering and Computer Science students enrolling at Bollman.

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The ultimate goal of the I SEE ME Program: Ensure young women and students of color have clear and supported pathways to career success in the focused career fields. 


In the pilot year, this program will:

  • Establish partnerships with STEM-focused industry partners to provide mentorship and experiential learning for students.

  • Recruit, retain, and support 30 students of color and women enrolled in the focused programs.

  • Coordinate field trips to various STEM-focused organizations, such as but not limited to Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Suncor, Ball Aerospace, Google, etc.

  • Participate in various field trips to colleges, universities, and engineering firms to highlight all opportunities for entry into engineering and computer science fields


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