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Our funding cycle

Beginning January 2020


Spring Funding:  Program or Department Level Investments


  • These are funding requests at the program or department level for program implementation- No Red Ink, Street Law, etc.

  • Requests are typically over $5,000 and have district endorsement

  • Applications are welcome any time but will be promoted in March.

  • Applications deadline is April 15 and goes to a committee for review

  • Board consideration by May 15- applicants may be asked to present to the board

  • Announced by the end of the school year

  • Funds are available any time after announcement

  • The funding for these investments is pre-determined in the previous year


Fall Funding:  Student Success Incubator Funds- Primarily Classroom Level

  • Applications open Oct 1, close Nov 1

  • Applications are reviewed by a committee in the month of November

  • Grants are announced and awarded in December

  • The funding for these funds is determined on estimated revenue from Major Savers campaign

  • Requests are typically under $5,000 and have administrator endorsement


Major Requests:  Paint Booth, Fire Truck, Major Investments, district-wide initiatives


  • Ideas are presented to Executive Team in July/Aug (can be addressed sooner if needed)

  • Proposal is presented to Board Sept/Oct by a district representative

  • Proposal goes to budgeting/approval in November- decide on viability for current year or following year

  • Project can be paid out in the following year based on need and ability

  • The funding for these requests can come from available unrestricted funds, pursuing partnerships, grants

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