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Afghan Evacuee Support

Our state and district have welcomed Afghan Evacuee newcomers with open arms.  From providing clothing and uniforms for kids just starting in school, to emergency food support, to support for newcomer students to participate in field trips that help them learn about American norms such as shopping and cooking, we were there to walk beside them. 


“One of the most memorable moments from last year was having the chance to be welcomed into an Afghan family’s home. We got to talk to them about their needs to get their kids learning ready and in school.  From that exchange, we were able to rally volunteers and donors to provide beds, bedding, clothing, household items and more to make sure they could settle in to their new home and the kids could be ready to learn,” says Executive Director, Shannon Hancock


Our support continues through our Resource Closets, Career Pathway Fund, and the YES Fund that really put ‘boots’ on the ground to assist these students.


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