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Marshall Fire

On the last day of 2021, our community was hit by tragedy when the Marshall Fires came roaring through the homes and businesses in our area.  Our community rallied immediately to reach out and help those impacted.  The Marshall Fire Fund was able to help educators and district staff begin to recover from the damage or even total loss of their homes. The Five Star Education Foundation raised over $45,000 to help our Five Star family heal and financially recover.  The funds went towards home insurance deposits, smoke damage, loss of durable medical goods and so much more.  It helped families with lost wages, crimpling financial complications with their rent, mortgages, and more.  Our community continues to come together to meet the needs of those impacted.

We also invested heavily in the Adams 12 FutureForward FireFighting program. Some students had internships at local fire departments and participated in stopping the Marshall Fire.

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