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During the 2019-2020 school year, the Foundation partnered with Future Forward Business Students at Mountain Range High School to walk a path of success with their entrepreneurship. Because of our donors’ support, the Foundation connected these students with CEO of Major Savers Kelly Osborn, who successfully runs a company that models our students’ business plan. Marketing and Program Coordinator, Melyssa Bigelow, held one-on-one sessions with the business team reviewing best practices, how to create a budget, and product and printing sampling throughout the school year. Our ambitious business students created a strategic plan for their DECA competition and met with community leaders to gain investors. Though momentum was lost during Spring 2020, we expect great things to come from our students!

Future Forward Videography Students got a chance to learn from the experts at Comcast. Jeanine Deeb and Ryan Buckner came to the classroom to share what it is like working in the Creative Services industry at Comcast and how they got to where they are today. Jeanine gave some insight on how remembering the basics can get you noticed, as she recalled how she went from an intern to being hired after the manager noticed her successfully managing the equipment and wires on a busy set.

We believe that ALL students get to succeed, which is why we partner with the School to Work Alliance Program. In early March 2020, Adams 12 Five Star Schools SWAP students joined six other programs from surrounding districts at Career Expo for special needs students. The event anticipated about 175-200 students, who are either on IEPs or 504s, to participate and have a variety of employers who will be providing hands-on activities for the students. Because of our donors, the Foundation assists our SWAP team with transportation costs so students can experience hands-on learning activities with equal opportunity employers and learn more about their careers.

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