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Our COVID Response

The Five Star Education Foundation works closely with the Adams 12 Five Star Schools by forging partnerships and raising money to invest in student success. In collaboration with the district and business community, we fund opportunities that inclusively prepare students for a variety of options after high school, ranging from learning-readiness, to post-secondary education, to students directly entering the workforce. We have halted all overhead fundraising to address the immediate needs of our students and our community as we face COVID-19 together.

Nutrition Services

This year more than 42% of our students in the district were registered for free and reduced lunch. Since the shelter at home order and the start of an economic decline, Adams 12 Five Star School District Nutrition Services is currently serving over 1,500 people per day. This program provides 12 meals per week for people in need, is a hub for other resources for families who are struggling and creates a community for all who come for a meal.

There is an estimated $150,000 monthly gap between what is reimbursed monthly by the USDA for meals (for school-aged students: we are currently feeding ALL people who come in need) and the cost of the current food distribution program. This number is larger than ever due to:​​

  • Additional staffing for food packaging needs at distribution sites due to COVID

  • Adult meal distribution not covered by USDA

  • The mandates around distributing a full meal in a grab and go style rather than a pick and choose model in the cafeteria and loss of ala carte sales to offset expenses.

Technology Resources

The district has distributed almost 12,000 Chromebooks straight from schools to low-income students. This necessary expense of providing laptops is so ALL students can participate in online learning. However, when thinking just a couple months down the road, the loss of Chromebooks not returned, the amount of time and staff dedicated to fixing returned laptops and other IT technologies will be a massive unknown expense that the Foundation is gearing up to support.

Additionally, the district has entered into a partnership with Comcast to pay for and immediately provide internet services for our students in need. This partnership levels the playing field for our students to be able to do their work with their classmates.

Why the district is best suited to help:

While there are some food pantry programs in the area, the Adams 12 Five Star School District serves school-aged children and their families. The district has the large capacity to serve this community thanks to their hard-working staff and facilities at multiple locations. The district has the best tools to reach our students through taking distribution to their neighborhoods, pre-identifying students in need and strong communications systems. In addition to nutritional services, the district serves as a hub for other emergency needs services.

How the Foundation can help:

As the 501(c)(3) nonprofit partner directly supporting our students and teachers of Adams 12 Five Star Schools, we communicate the need to the community, rally support and provide vital connections and resources. We are asking for those of you who can, please consider donating to our Crisis Relief fund.

Dated March, 2020

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